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"Its in the Code"

Interactive Movie/Video Game​ - In Post Production (2022)

DARKCoDE is an FMV thriller, set during the Covid-19 pandemic. Confined to his home and surfing the net thanks to the lockdown, Agent Mark Scott discovers a series of mysterious deaths around the world. What links them? Scott is determined to find out. He turns to his network of fellow agents on The Clubhouse, a secret dark web version of Facebook where Agents from around the world work together to keep things in check. Recruiting the help of fellow agent Clara Snow, Hacker Danny, and his Russian counterpart Dimitri, Scott sets out to piece together the evidence and solve the mystery.


A truly global conspiracy, that if not stopped will change the course of humanity forever. As Scott follows the trail he must face intrigue, double crosses, allies, enemies and ultimately the Darkcode. As the threat ramps up, YOU must make the right choices as you help the characters solve the mystery and save the world from the Darkcode. Set in the shadowy world of online espionage, DARKCoDE is a tech-noir conspiracy thriller for the modern age, made during Lockdown utilising Zoom to remotely film the actors at various location around the world, using smartphones and webcams. "With the world in Lockdown there isn't much call for an agent of strange phenomena, that is until I found this..."


Director Craig Griffith

Producers Craig Griffith, Rupert Booth

Writers Craig Griffith Rupert Booth Emily Weir

Music Christopher Nettleton

Cast Rupert Booth, Richard Herring, Anarosa De Eizaguirre Butler, Tina Barnes

Publisher Muesli Mountain Media

Darkcode Mark Scott (Rupert Booth) #03.jpg

Agent Mark Scott (Rupert Booth)

Darkcode Brandon Richards (Richard Herring) #08.jpg

Barndon Richards (Richard Herring)

Darkcode Dimitri (Paul McCarthy) #09.jpg

Dimitri (Paul McCarthy)

Darkcode Lynch (Tina Barnes) #01.jpg

Lynch (Tina Barnes)

Darkcode Edward (Duncan Williams) #01.jpg

Edward (Duncan Williams)

Darkcode Clara Snow (Anarosa Butler) #01.jpg

Agent Clara Snow (Anarosa De Eizaguirre Butler)

Darkcode Danny McQueen (Ben Cawley) #02.jpg

Danny La Hacker (Benjamin Cawley)

Darkcode Miriam Blake (Claire Lim) #03.jpg

Miriam Blake (Claire Lim)

Darkcode Daedalus (Pere Costa) #01.jpg

Daedalus (Pere Costa)

Darkcode BTS #10 Production Meeting.jpg

The Production Team meeting on Zoom

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