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About Us

Genre films with high production values and responsible budgets.

The Workshop Presents Ltd is a feature film production company based in London.

They aim is to produce high quality genre feature films for the international market.


The business & filmmaking philosophy of The Workshop Presents is to produce a slate of genre films with known actors on streamlined budgets - the safest model for investment. 


The slate has been designed, to keep production costs low and production values high, to minimize risk and maximize revenue. With the right relationships, negotiation skills, and planning, we will produce a series of films with the production values of a much higher budget.


Collectively, the production team has produced a variety of feature films, television programs, short films, transmedia projects and music videos. In addition, they have participated in many studio and independent films as producers, production management and production support staff. Not only has this given them a thorough working knowledge of the industry but many invaluable contacts within it. 

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Our Story

The Workshop Presents... was formed in 1997 by Craig Griffith and Rupert Staveley. The two met whilst both studying film at the Surrey Institute of Art & Design in 1996.


The first film produced by The Workshop Presents...was a short comedy called LITTLE BLUE SPOT. The film was shown at many festivals  and went on to win two awards for Best Comedy and Best Student Film as well as showing at the BBC Short Film Festival.


After completing many short films and music videos  The Workshop Presents...began developing its first feature film. Entitled THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS the film was completed in 2007. The film is currently screening on Amazon Prime and has screened in many film festivals around the world and has been nominated for awards as Best Horror at SBFF for which it won and Best Film at the Everglades Film Festival. The film is signed to US distributors Continuum.


The Workshop currently developing a slate of new genre feature films, scripts and trans-media projects including the upcoming thrillers DARKCODE, EVOLUTION CELL and NIGHTVISION. 


For more information and investment opportunities please email us.

Support The Workshop.


If like us you are a film lover then this is your chance to get more actively involved and be a part of shaping the future of cinema and helping to create a truley inclusive film industry where the audience has an active role in deciding which films get made. 


By becoming a 'Workshopper' you will help fund our fantastic upcoming film projects. You can donate as little as £1.00 a month, (or more if you like) to help us continue to make projects in a new and exciting way directly for you the audience.


In return you will get a thank you letter, e-mail updates of our projects and exclusive bonus material such as interviews, making of's etc only available to our supporters via our You Tube channel. 


Or if you prefer you can make a one off donation.


Not only will you become a budding movie mogual but you will be part of a new movement that is re-defining how films are funded, made and watched. 


Viva La Digital Reveloution!

















Meet The Team

Craig Griffith - Producer/Director/Writer

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Craig is an award-winning writer/director born in Cardiff, Wales. After completing film school he formed production company, The Workshop Presents and made his feature film debut with horror film THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS. The film has screened and been nominated at festivals worldwide and won the award for Best Horror at SBFF 2007. It was picked up for Worldwide Rights by US distributor Continuum and is available on DVD/VOD. It has also been picked up by Video Plugger for TV deals.


Craig is currently completing his second feature film; a road movie called THE LONG ROAD. The British Council is currently screening the film for festival programmers such as Sundance, Berlinale and sales agents. 


In addition he is also in post production on an FMV/Interactive movie called DARKCODE in association with 15Bit Games and Muesli Mountain Media for an 2021 release. The film is pioneering using Zoom as a way to shoot interactive movies and stars Richard Herring (Taskmaster) and Rupert Booth (Contradiction).


In 2012 Craig co-created and directed The Nightvision Experiment, an on-line horror experience developed in conjunction with Channel 4 and PlayThisNext starring Keith Allen (Trainspotting), Shazad Latif (Star Trek Discovery) and Ray Quinn. It was voted no.7 in the London Film Review top 10 of 2013


Craig has recently completed two short films, Ghost in the Machine and Lockdown. Lockdown recently won the Outstanding Achievement Award at Tagore IFF and Ghost in the Machine won Best Cinematography at the Independent Horror Movie Awards. Craig also created Terrortube, a You Tube channel showcasing short horror films.


He also co-founded production company Go Faster Stripe directing live comedy DVD/VOD for artists such as Stewart Lee, Richard Herring (available on Netflix), Simon Munnery and Robin Ince. Craig has also taught film at the Central Film School in London, MET Film School, UCA and Warwick University.

TIFF Laureal
June 2020 Official Selection
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