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"Its in the Code"

Interactive Movie/Video Game​ - In Post Production (2022)


Conversation from the Netherworld Part 1


Conversation from the Netherworld Part 2


Conversation from the Netherworld Part 3





Follow investigative tv reporter Zoe Bright in this comedy/horror mockumentary, as she shines a light on Nigel D’Claire - ghost hunter and You Tube sensation. 


She experiences Nigel’s bizarre life as he juggles midnight ghost hunts with midday shopping ques, paranormal investigations with interviews for a new assistant.


A man of mature years and great experience, Nigel is a strong and confident force of nature. A doer, an achiever, a leader. He is fearless and inspirational as he hunts down ghosts and helps them to ‘Pass On.’


Or so his on-line publicity would have you believe.  


But as Zoe spends more time with Nigel in his day to day life she scratches below the surface and discovers that Nigel is not what he seems. 


Slowly she learns that Nigel is a ghost hunter who doesn’t actually believe in ghosts. It’s all a big act, a coping mechanism to hide his insecurities, his short comings and his past failures.


What starts as a profile of a paranormal “superstar” soon turns into an exposé of a cracked and fragile psyche. 


Nigel struggles to maintain a shroud of mystery, against the constant intrusion of a documentary crew recording every aspect of his daily routine. As they spar he becomes more entrenched, while Zoe becomes determined to expose the truth and get to the bottom of who Nigel really is.


However, the Ghosts have a different idea and they are about to make their presence very definitely known.


Ghost Hunting with Nigel D’Claire is Louis Theroux meets Most Haunted.


The process: Before shooting begins we will have a rigorous development process akin to the Mike Leigh method. Working to a structured set of questions each actor will develop their character independently of one another, in a series of ‘staged’ recorded TV interviews. These will then be edited and posted on the ‘Ghost Hunting with Nigel D’Claire’ You Tube channel to raise online awareness and build audience.


Once this development process is complete the actors in character will then meet in front of the cameras for the first time and working from a structured script improvise around the scenes. Not only will this give a film that feels like a real documentary but it will also help us create characters that feel true to life.


Director Craig Griffith

Producers Craig Griffith, Rupert Booth

Writers Craig Griffith Rupert Booth Emily Weir

Music Christopher Nettleton

Cast Rupert Booth, Richard Herring, Anarosa De Eizaguirre Butler, Tina Barnes

Publisher Muesli Mountain Media

Darkcode Mark Scott (Rupert Booth) #03.jpg

Agent Mark Scott (Rupert Booth)

Darkcode Brandon Richards (Richard Herring) #08.jpg

Barndon Richards (Richard Herring)

Darkcode Dimitri (Paul McCarthy) #09.jpg

Dimitri (Paul McCarthy)

Darkcode Lynch (Tina Barnes) #01.jpg

Lynch (Tina Barnes)

Darkcode Edward (Duncan Williams) #01.jpg

Edward (Duncan Williams)

Darkcode Clara Snow (Anarosa Butler) #01.jpg

Agent Clara Snow (Anarosa De Eizaguirre Butler)

Darkcode Danny McQueen (Ben Cawley) #02.jpg

Danny La Hacker (Benjamin Cawley)

Darkcode Miriam Blake (Claire Lim) #03.jpg

Miriam Blake (Claire Lim)

Darkcode Daedalus (Pere Costa) #01.jpg

Daedalus (Pere Costa)

Darkcode BTS #10 Production Meeting.jpg

The Production Team meeting on Zoom

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