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"At the end of the road the journey begins..."

This life-affirming UK road movie is a journey of self-discovery as a dying man on a road trip back home learns it's never too late to make the most of life.

Guy Harris, an arrogant and selfish businessman, is devastated when he finds out he only has a few weeks left to live. All alone, with little time left he decides he must face his estranged father one last time. Hitting the road in ‘Bluey’, the rust bucket MG Midget that he stole from his dad after they fell out at his mum’s funeral, Guy travels the Long Road of self-discovery back to his hometown of Belfast. 

Along the way, he meets Bryn and Rosie and each encounter, each experience forces him to face up to himself, a man struggling to come to terms with long buried emotions. Guy learns that he must change if he is to put things right before it’s too late. 



Paul Mundell, Phoebe Mcintosh, Michael Langridge, Tony Osoba, Bernard Holley


Director Craig Griffith 

Producer Craig Griffith 

Executive Producers  Oliver Crocker & Marcus Markou

Editor Claire Pringle 

Screenwriter Craig Griffith 

Director of Photography Andy Walker 

Sound Thomas Joyce, Factory UK 

Music Astroboy & Christopher Nettleton

Additional Music Nick Webb

Guy caravan.jpg

Guy Harris (Paul Mundell)

Guy & Rosie Club.jpg

Guy Harris (Paul Mundell) & Rosie (Phoebe Mcintosh)

Guy & Cliff.jpg

Guy Harris (Paul Mundell) & Cliff (Johnathan Rhodes)

Guy & Bryn 2.jpg

Guy Harris (Paul Mundell) & Bryn (Tony Osoba)


Brian (Michael Langridge)

Guy at waterfall.jpg

Guy Harris (Paul Mundell)

Guy & Rosie under bridge.jpg

Guy Harris (Paul Mundell) & Rosie (Phoebe Mcintosh)

Guy & Bryn.jpg

Guy Harris (Paul Mundell) & Bryn (Tony Osoba)

Guy & Bluey.jpg

Guy Harris (Paul Mundell) with Bluey the Car

Directing Bryn.jpg

Craig Griffith directing Bryn (Tony Osoba)

The Long Road

Crowdfunding Thank You list

A massive THANK YOU to the following people for crowdfunding The Long Road and helping us to make the film. Without you we couldn't have done it. So in no particlar order...


Marcus Markou, Faizul Azman, Chris Hopkins, Iain Mitchell, Pat McEnallay, Mark Gibbons, Katy Stevenson, Guy Wooles,

David Ryder Prangley, Rory McCaffer, Christopher Nettleton, Jeff Hole, Mel Wilkey, Jo Hubbard, Fay McCaffer, Archie & Barbara McCaffer, Dianne Assiratti, Peter Morse, Cliff Harris, Chris Evan, Jethro Stevenson, Helena Jones, Pippa Maunder, Ian Lidds, Hywel Ricketts,

Sammi Thomas, Nigel Edmunds, Lucy Duggins, Alex Pearson, Andrew Pearson, Mark Pearson, Claire Pringle, Katie Stephens, .Judy Pringle, Anna Pringle, Mike Pringle, David Pringle, Andrew McMichael, Gavin Davis, Subhu Swain, Iain & Julie Russell, Harvey Wade, Emma Jane Marsh, Michael Wray, Jonny George, Nick Gear, Barbara & Chris Mack, King, Trisha Beswick, David Ian Williams, Mistress of Pain 30, Mark Brennan, Huw Langridge, Darcy Conroy, Neil Percival, David R Braga, Maureen Clingman, AV Contractors, Herbert Eder, Liana Fonti, Craig Honstra, Simon Cox, Kelly Lloyd, Daniel Greenhalgh, Andrew J Ruff, Jacob Tilley, Ben Bulbeck, Joanne Murdoch, Simon Hotchkin, Dan Williams, Chris Ruppert, Michele Thomas, Brandon Fowler,, Graham Inman

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